Research Interests

  • Robot Perception and Motion Planning,Scheduling on Cyber-Physical System and Cloud Computing, Software and Hardware Co-design

Projects & Funding

  • 基于全域环境感知与多源信息融合的巡检侦测机器人研制“,国家重点研发计划重点专项课题, Grant  2019YFB1312100(2020.1-2022.12, PI)
  • “Research on autonomous operation of heterogeneous robots cluster for warehousing logistics”, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Grant  91848103(2019.1-2021.12, PI)
  • “Research on scheduling approaches for automotive software functionality with mixed-criticality requirements”, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Grant  61802013 (2019.1-2021.12, PI)
  • On-the-fly scheduling of mixed-criticality real-time system“, The High-Level Talents Launching Funds,  Beijing University of Chemical University, Grant  buctrc201811 (2018.1-2020.12, PI)


  • Robot trajectory generation (done in fortiss, Germany)
  • Autonomous driving car with lidar sensor (done in TUM)
  • Humanoid robot play soccer (participant in my master study)