Current Masters:


XU Shengjie

Topic: Collaborative Multi-Robot Path Planniing

B. E., Northeast Normal University



Topic: Schedule Optimization on Cloud Computing Platform

B. E., Hefei University of Technology




SHAO Shibo

Topic: Quadrupedal Robot Locomotion Driven by the Deep Reinforcement Learning

B. E., Beijing University of Chemical Technology



WANG Haonan

Topic: Hardware Software Co-Design of Warehouse Robots

B. E., Beijing University of Chemical Technology


Supervised Thesis in TUM:

  1. Autonomous Driving navigated by combining the data of a Lidar Sensor and Stereo Camera (Bachelor Thesis, Heiko Lengenfelder)
  2. Development and Construction of an Autonomous Car with Low Cost Components (Master thesis, Roger Rösch)
  3. Multi-Pedestrian Tracking with GM-PHD Filters in an embedded Heterogeneous Parallel Processing Platform with Sensor Fusion (Guided Research, Rajat Koner)
  4. Pedestrian detection in urban environments based on vision and depth data (Bachelor Thesis, Andreas Kreutz)
  5. SLAM-based navigation of an autonomous driving car (Bachelor Thesis, Felix Feik)
  6. Direct GPU-FPGA Communication (Master thesis, Alexander Gillert)
  7. Implementation of adaptive Mode-Switch-Algorithms in mixed critical Systems (Bachelor Thesis, Christoph Griesbeck)
  8. Mixed-criticality scheduling of an autonomous driving car (Master thesis, Lu Cheng)
  9. Real-time lane detection and tracking on high performance computing devices (Bachelor Thesis, Jan Botsch)